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The Plzen is world-famous for the local brand of beer - Pilsner Urquell.

The town was built on a chessboard plan in 13th century and is an example of High-Gothic urbanism.
The medieval Cathedral of St.Bartholomew includes the highest church tower in Bohemia (103 m). The Plzen Great Synagogue from 19th century is the 3rd largest synagogue in the world and the West Bohemian Museum has an oldest known collection of Central European armoury. Also the wonderful Brewery Musem is one of the oldest of its kind in the world.

Monumental Town Hall, historical underground, houses of citizens, unique beer Pilsner Urquell made from Plzen interesting place where it is possible to spend a few days.

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Minimum recommended stay in Plzen: 1 or 2 days

Incorrect forms of Plzen’s name: Pilzen
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Text Comments (14) Post a new comment
Walter from Canada 12/2013
In summer 1945 I was 8 years old on a river 10km from Pilsen therean U.S. soldier saving my life when I cut my foot. Perhaps you could help me in finding him. Maybe you know of an address I could write to for information THANK YOU.
Mary from USA 07/2012
I am thinking of taking a trip here because I am trying to learn more about my wonderful family. My grandfather and father are Liska\'s and my grandmother (fathers side) was a Janku. I am just thrilled to learn more about this great country :-)
JoJo from USA 06/2011
Thinking of visiting the Czech Republic. Looking for possible relatives to my husband.
Al from USA 12/2010
I will be in Plzen the first week of May 2011. On what day will the parade be held? SCPO USN Retired
Jim from USA 12/2010
My dad was in Pattoms's 3rd Army (97th Division; 386th Regiment). He was in Pilsen on VE day. I would love to attend the May 2011 celebration of the liberation anniversary.
Theodore from USA 11/2010
Thank you for remembering the USA. Will be traveling to your city Pilsen for vacation next year Is it best to travel by bus or train to sorrounding areas? Thanks
Mick from USA 10/2010
My thanks go out to the residents of Plzen for honoring the U. S. Military and the high price that was paid by so many for the Liberation of Europe. Sadly, too many in my own country (USA) don't give our military the honor they deserve, thanks for showing us how it should be done!
Nick from USA 09/2010
It is indeed moving. I am a tour operator in the USA organizing groups to various European cities. I would like to include Plsen in my next May 2011 European itinerary. Could you please advise what manifestations will be held (I presume less than this year, since the full celebration is held every 5 years). I might even have a few WWII veterans in our group Thank you.
Marilyn from USA 09/2010
I am so moved by your Liberation Celebration - reading about it brought tears to my eyes. I am interested in being there for the May 2011 VE Day celebration and would very much like information to schedule a trip from Texas. Thank you!
Cindy from USA 09/2010
You are doing a fine job on the website. My comment, mainly, is on the email I just received on your towns May Celebration for being freed from Nazis. I quote: ...Every 5 years, Pilzen conducts the Liberation Celebration of the City of Pilsen in the Czech Republic. May 6th, 2010, marked the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by General George Patton's 3rd Army. Pilsen is the town that every American should visit. Because they love America and the American Soldier....& it went on further... I have tears in my eyes as I write. We seldom hear of anyone in the world who knows of or much less is grateful for ALL the USA Sacrifices around the world. Thank you! Now that I know this, if EVER my hubby and I go to Europe, we will surely visit your town & surrounding Area. Thank you again.
Terry from USA 08/2010
I to have just read about your May 2010 VE Day. We (wife& myself) would like to be there for the May 2011 VE Day. We would like information to schedule a trip from Wisconsin, USA for about 4 to 6 days in the area. Thank You.
Larry from USA 08/2010
I just read of your May 2010 event regarding VE day. I would like to be there in May 2011. I need advice to schedule such a trip from California, USA. US Navy Aviator
Robert from USA 08/2010
Just read of your celibration in May of the 3d Army freeing you. I am most Grateful that you do so. Former Member of the 3rd U.S. Army
Olga from Czech Republic 11/2009
Your pages are very useful for my friends from Great Britain, especially about Pilzen, Prague, Sumava Mountains, Cesky Krumlov. My friends admire Czech Republic and try to spek Czech. They took part in the celebration of 20th anniversary of 17th november and they are happy that we can travel too. Olga and their friends from Stradford on Avon.
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