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History According to the record in the old chronicles, the settlement of Slany was founded in 750 at a salt spring below the Slany hill. Probably in 1136 a hospital and St. Goddard's Church were established here by Benedictines. The first well-preserved written mention about Slany dates back to the year 1239 in the document of the Pope Gregory IX.
There are two dates of promoting Slany to a town by the king Wenceslas II.: 1295 and 1305. The town of Slany was surrounded by town walls with gates at that time. In 1371 a big fire broke out at the marketplace sweeping all the houses in the square. About 2 000 people died and nearly all the town was reduced to ashes. The town recovered after the fire thanks to Emperor Charles IV. who gave it new privileges and funds.
During the Hussite movement Slany was captured after a 12-day-siege by Hussite troops. After Hussites had been defeated in 1434, Slany became town subject to the Czech Kings. In the years 1461 - 1472 the town walls were renewed and other gates and towers were built.
During the Thirty Years΄ War Slany was almost destroyed. Due to its location on the road leading from Germany to Prague the town was visited by Swedes and emperor's army who robbed its suffering inhabitants of everything. Three crosses were raised on the Slany Hill during the period of counterreformation as a proof of being catholic. They remind us of immense suffering of the town after the Battle of Bila Hora (1620). Franciscan monastery was founded in 1655 and Piarist college in 1658.
Since 1794 the town of Slany has been free again. In 1787 Slany gained back the status of a regional centre. In the years 1884 - 1918 it used the title ΄the Royal town of Slany and after the November Revolution in 1989 the town can boast with this title again.
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